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. >> in the u.s. request exclusive, and julian assange response to the verdict of bradley manning, acquitted of aiding the enemy but found guilty of violating the espionage act and other charges. he now faces up to 136 years in prison. julian assange will join us from the ecuadorian embassy in london where he has been living for more than a year. then we go to fort meade, maryland, where the sentencing hearing begins today. o'brien,peak to alexa who has been reporting from their everyday. >> we are not talking about the trial, as important as it is. we are talking about setting legal precedent for national security and whistleblowers, and beyond that, people using the internet, communicating in legally-protected speech. >> all that and more coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. for brentcing hearing a man and begins today following his acquittal on the most serious charge he faced, aiding the enemy, but conviction and 20 accounts. on tuesday, manning was found guilty of violating the espionage act and other charges for leaking docu
is disturbing. months, therly two judge overseeing the trial of bradley manning is delivering the verdict for the 25-year-old soldier accused of being behind the biggest leak in u.s. history. we will speak with independent journalist alexa o'brien. she has been in court every day since the trial began. and we speak with michael ratner. we will also discuss charges against edward snowden, who remains trapped in a moscow airport, even as the u.s. has promised not to torture him if he comes home. states has been so incredibly dominant, it can bully almost any country in the world. it is difficult to take it on, to reveal, as these people have, the massive surveillance system on its citizens. >> all that and more coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. areorters of mohamed morsi calling for more protests after another mass killing by state forces. at least 72 people were killed on saturday when egyptian police opened fire on a muslim brotherhood rally in cairo. the attack came three weeks after 60 supporters were gunned down in a prot
, the government failed to find bradley manning guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy but he was found guilty of 19 lesser counts. the sentencing phase of that trial begins today. he will definitely spend some time in prison. president obama has offered republicans what he called a grand bargain. he said i will give you tax -- lower taxes for corporations if you give me money to create more jobs in this country. that's the deal. will republicans take it? find out right here on current tv. iq will go way up. (vo) current tv gets the conversation started weekdays at 9 eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. (vo) sharp tongue. >>excuse me? (vo) quick wit. >> and yes, president obama does smell like cookies and freedom. (vo) and above all, opinion and attitude. >> really?! this is the kind of stuff they say about something they just pulled freshly from their [bleep]. >> you know what those people are like. >> what could possibly go wrong in
class bradley manning. he leaked 750,000 classified documents and videos. the question is, how much damage did he really do? >>> and later, believe it or not, $136 million in stolen jewels was only the tip of the iceberg. we'll go inside a heist some are blaming for in cannes from a gang known as the pink panthers. >>> we begin with part two of our series, "rehab racket." shady rehab clinics filing bogus claims for phantom patients. because it involves federal medicaid funding, we are all paying for it, nearly $186 million in state and federal tax dollars over the last two years. the year-long investigation from cnn lays it all out. unscrupulous operators billing the government for bogus clients and getting away with it. in the wake of our reporting, we learned that 29 clinics have been temporarily suspending, cutting them off. and a state senator, who after seeing last night's report, is calling for a full audit of california's program. but first, part two of the investigation. you teenagers say they were roped into the operation. drew griffin tonight, keeping them honest. >> repor
and around the globe. a u.s. military court handed down its verdict in the case of bradley manning, the army private who leaked classified documents to wiki leaks. they found him guilty on multiple charges of espionage and theft of the not guilty of most serious charge leveled against him, that of aiding the enemy. coverage. starts our >> this light lung yes -- lung soldier four stickers to gush out, exposing diplomat in putting some lives at risk here to he was just a junior intelligence analyst working from a makeshift camp and used it to mine data from around the world to read he said this is what made him determined to act. u.s. helicopter in iraq firing on a crowd filling iraqi civilians. he said it showed a bloodlust. it was the leak of a quarter of a million diplomatic tables that really embarrassed america with a decidedly undiplomatic frankness. officials called nicholas effective.sarkozy they called berlusconi ineffective. karzai was described as weak and driven by parent nor you. quite he has revealed information to the public and other government that make it for us to carry out
for bradley manning. he leaked 750,000 classified documents and videos but the question is, how much damage did he do? jeffrey toobin and glenn greenwald and later, believe it or not, $136 million in stolen jells was the tip of the iceberg. we'll go inside a heist gang some are blaming for that crime and more than 300 other rip offs the gang known as the pink pa t panthers. keeping them on nest in part two of rehab racket. we're talking about shady rehab clinics filing bogus claims for pan tom patients happening in the state of california but because it involving federal medicaid funding, we're all paying for it. $186 million in state and federal tax dollars over the last two years. a year-long investigation by cnn and the center for investigative reporting lays it out. operators billing the government for bogus clients and getting away with it, but maybe not much longer. in the wake we learned that 29 clinics have been temporarily suspended, cutting them off from state and federal money and there is a state senator after seeing last night's report is calling for a full audit of the progra
. "usa today" praised the decision. bradley manning is criminal but not a traitor. a military judge made that distinction. "the new york times" took issue with the decision and the ever increasing national security state. private manning faces the equivalent of life sentences on the espionage count. the government should satisfy itself with a more moderate sentence and then do something about its addiction to secrecy. and wikileaks founder julian assange denounced the verdict and talked about the repercussions. it is serious and it will mean the end of national security in general in the united states. >> assange was joined in his concerns by glenn greenwald who cautioned the decision would put the brakes on investigative journalism. >> this is how investigative journalism works is that people inside the government with a conscience come forward when they find out things that their government is doing and they're wrong and they disclose it to the world throughout media outlets and journalism. if you think that's criminal, you're essentially calling for the end of investigative journalism
right now. >>> just moments from now bradley manning accused in the largest leak of classify information in u.s. history will learn his fate. >>> it sounded like bombs going off. multiple explosions at a propane plant just outside orlando, florida. injured eight workers. we're taking a closer look another what investigators think may have happened. >>> green paint splattered on monuments around washington, d.c. a woman is arrested in two cases. who's behind this terrible befacing and why doesn't security stop them? this is cnn newsroom. >>> he's accused of biggest leak of classify information in u.s. history. critics call him a traitor. supporters say he's a hero. any minute we'll learn the verdict and court-martial of bradley manning. if convicted on the most serious charge of aiding the enemy he would be sentenced to life in prison. we'll have the verdict as soon as it's handed down. let's bring in our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr and also the military analyst at yale law school. this leak involved 750,000 classified pages of documents and videos. barbara, walk us through, whe
there and their families. >>> happening now in san francisco a group of people supporting former u.s. army bradley manning starting to disperse, just the past hours here the group rallied in the street. they say manning is a hero and a whistle blower of the iraq war. they held up signs and chanted free bradley manning. of the 25-year-old manning not guilty of the most serious charge against him but he was convicted of 20 other charges. . >> reporter: here is his verdict. >> bradley manning is found not guilty. the most serious charge he faced that could have meant life in prison. he still faces prison time, guilty of lesser charges and the judge accepting manning guilty pleads on a dozen of other charges. he called still face the he's of his life behind bars. but, he did not plead guilty of the charge of aiding enemy. he gave some $750, 000 classified documents to the leak and the street sharing site and classify -- the prosecution argued manning action helps terrorists and damage u.s. foreign relationship but the supporters manning is a whistle blower who is motivated by hearn concerns and -- people will
morsi. u.s. soldier bradley manning faces jail after being found guilty of espionage but is cleared of the most serious charge against him. trainiver of last week's crash, going twice the speed limit and talking on the phone when it derailed. diplomatic efforts to ease the political crisis are stepping up. the u.s. president asked senior to travel onnators the back of the top diplomat. of the interim leadership. john mccain and glenn t. gram traveling to egypt. they are very to well-known center is at home and also our round of the world. senator mccain more so because he ran for the white house against president obama in 2008. it is unusual for the white house to send senators in this way. menident obama asked both to go to egypt and it is odd because they have been harshly critical of his foreign policy. both men calling for the suspension of the military aid that goes every year from washington and they referred to what happened when president morsi was a coup. the white house won't do that because it will prevent the money from going over there. the main mission, if it goes ahea
♪ theme cenk: welcome to "the young turks." bradley manning was convict day of 19 out of 21 charges. he was acquitted of the most serious charge, aiding the enemy, but it is a very serious day indeed not just for bradley manning but for all americans and journalists. this is a terrible and disastrous decision, the fact that he got acquitted of the most serious charge to me does not mean much. it was a ridiculous, outrageous charge that never should have been allowed in the first place. i know a lot of people are relieved like wow, we didn't execute him on the spot, but i'm not relieved by that. the fact that he was convicted on 19 counts is crazy, including five counts of espionage. abc news has more. >> army private first class bradley manning stood rigid as the military judge read the verdicts, guilty on almost all charges, theft and computer fraud, but on the most serious charge of all, aiding the enemy, found not guilty. >> on the biggest charming, the government ends up leaving the courtroom with its tail between its legs. >> the verdict came more than three years was a he was
crimes but i'm really mad bradley manning told us our tax dollars went to war crimes. wikileaks and bradley manning endangered the safety of our troops in war zones say the politicians who sent those troops into said war zones. we'll talk about the verdict. plus, i told the fisa court i was concerned about the government invading my privacy. they told me they already knew how i felt about it. congressman adam schiff talks about president obama's attempts to get the g.o.p. to do anything to help with the economy. plus, the top three reasons why the republican party should be supporting obamacare. today is the birthday of cinema great director peter mcdone vich who did the last picture show. cinema great christopher nolan who did inception and the dark knight trilogy and arnold schwarzenegger who was not a cinema great but shows us what happens when you cheat on a kennedy. this is viewpoint. >> john: good evening, friends, i'm john fuglesang. welcome once again to "viewpoint" here on current tv. the first major wikileaks case by captivated the world has come to an end, sort o
surveillance. today we heard closing arguments over thein the trial of bradley manning who is accused of releasing classified documents to wikileaks. meanwhile edward snowden hoped to leave the moscow airport today. snowden told russian tv that i would like to work in russia and find a life for himself. he's reportedly working on his russian. >>> and the white house had a squarescare when the vote of the mosh amendment followed a spirited debate. >> we're here to answer one question for the people we represent. do we oppose the suspicionless collection of every american's phone record. when you have a chance to stand up for americans' privacy did you? please support the mosh amendment. >> passing this amendment takes us back to september 10th. >> i rise in strong support of the amosh amendment and i do so as the person who is the principle author of the patriotic act in 2011. >> the only result is that those who are in engaged in islamic jihad will have been benefited. >> michael: michele bachmann how we will miss you. the amendment was narrowly defeated 217-205, but house backers sai
with a high-powered rifle. >>> hero or traitor? the verdict in the bradley manning trial leaves that question wide open for debate. a military judge found the army private first class not guilty of aiding the enemy when he handed over troves of secret government documents to wikileaks. that charge could have put him away for life. but the soldier is not out of the line of fire. ken bastida is live with mobile5 at powell and market where manning supporters are gathering. >> reporter: that's right, elizabeth. in fact, they're here already at the plaza a very vocal group and there's no question that here in san francisco in the bay area, private manning definitely has his supporters. as you say, some people classify him as a traitor. others say he is a hero. this is a case definitely that will have long ramifications for anyone who releases sensitive information on the internet. >>> reporter: army private first class bradley manning arrived in court today and dodged a big bullet. a military judge found him not guilty of aiding the enemy. the most serious of the charges he faced. >> the smartest
crash. bbc world ishing " america," still to come -- the fate of bradley manning lays in the hands of a military judge. we will look at the private he gave thousands of documents to wikileaks. police in italy have arrested more than 100 people across the country in a major operation against the mafia. police have arrested more than 50 people suspected of controlling the distribution of the legal drugs. hundreds of police officers backed by helicopter and maritime patrol boats took part in the raid. leading members of two mafia families are among those detained. >> before dawn, the police went into action. hundreds of officers launching a major operation in this town right down south on the foot of italy. lies in the heartland of a mafia network. quickly moved in on their targets. among the illegal activities being investigated was an insurance scam based on bogus claims of supposed car crashes. arrest warrants were issued for dozens of people. the police say they included lawyers, insurance agents, and even doctors. the mafia more than a million dollars a year. cash that could be u
on their interests. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. we are expecting bradley manning's verdict at any moment. we'll have that for you when it happens. >>> but first, it is the most important meal of the day and this morning, former secretary of state hillary clinton enjoyed breakfast with her former senate colleague and possible 2016 presidential primary adversary, vice president joe biden, on his turf at his house. joining me now for our daily fix, chris cillizza, msnbc contributor, managing editor of, politico's senior reporter mag ihaberman and peter alexander, a new dad. to you first, peter. let's talk about the president's role today. he's just arrived in chattanooga, tennessee. he's going to offer an olive branch to republicans. is that enough? >> reporter: we'll see. so far it doesn't look like the republicans are very satisfied with what they expect to hear from the president. we've already heard from speaker john boehner's office. they insist that they didn't even hear from the president in advance. white house says that's not the case, they reached ou
: private first class bradley manning was acquitted today of the most serious charge against him, aiding the enemy, which could have meant life in prison. he was convicted on five counts of espionage and five counts of theft for leaking sense tiff government documents to wikileaks. manning admitted sending hundreds of thousands of documents to wikileaks, including diplomatic cables and reports from iraq and afghanistan. he claimed his actwere meant to expose wrongdoing. joining me from washington is michael hayden, the former director of the n.s.a. and c.i.a. and is principal of the chertoff group. thank you very much for joining us, general hadeep. >> thank you, charlie. >> rose: what's your assessment of this verdict? are you surprised? >> no, not surprised at all. i mean he was convicted on several very serious charges and the one where he was not convicted of aiding the enemy-- although, clearly what he did aided the enemy-- the burden of proof on government was very high if to indicate that that was his intent. look, trials like this are supposed to bring to us some sense of closure
on this show tonight. the bradley manning verdict. governor bob mcdonnell goes on the record about his current troubles. a charter school cheating scandal about the people who push for charter schools in indiana. and oh, yes, the chief of staff of the scandalized mayor of san diego joins us live for the interview. stay with us. >>> the bradley manning trial >>> the bradley manning trial has been going on for about two months now and if at any point you wanted to know what had happened in the proceedings that day or the day before, you had two choices. you could either read news articles about the trial of which there have been many. or if you wanted to take a look at things for yourself, you could read the transcripts of the trial. the transcripts couldn't be found on any military website. i mean, it was a military trial, after all. but rather here at a website maintained by manning's supporters. transcripts like these, they were clearly marked unofficial transcript. the freedom of the press foundation raised the money and paid for an unofficial stenographer to attend the trial and produce dai
private first class, bradley manning, trader or hero? depends on who you ask. >>> good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> there are four women out there who oakland police say know something about a murder, so they want to talk to them. but first, they have to find them. juliette goodrich tells us, that's where police hope you come in. >> just not there. >> 32-year-old, darian stone, army reservist and father of three was shot to death during a 2011 halloween night party in downtown oakland along the 500 block. the killer still at large. >> i feel like somebody just stole his life from him and it wasn't fair to me. >> his family didn't want to show their faces on camera. they are too scared. still about their own safety. >> it's been unsettling. knowing that someone that you love can get their life taken away from you and you have no justice. >> the night darian was killed, he was taking photos of people on his phone. photos police want you to see. they are of four women photographed at the halloween party. police believe he met them at the nightclub and they think these women
first class bradley manning. a military judge found him guilty of espionage and other charges for leaking hundreds of thousands of secret documents on the wars in both iraq and afghanistan. but manning was acquitted of the most serious charge he faced. our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski has covered this story from the start. jim, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. for bradley manning, this was somewhat of a mixed verdict. the judge in the case found that bradley manning was no whistle blower, but stopped short of calling him a traitor. bradley manning emerged from court today appearing as if he had just dodged a huge bullet. manning was found not guilty on the most serious charge of aiding the enemy, but guilty on 20 other counts, including espionage, computer fraud, and theft. manning was convicted of leaking 700,000 secret documents to the wikileaks website. military prosecutors argued that manning aided the enemy, because many of those documents wound up in the hands of former al qaeda leader osama bin laden. but the judge ruled that while manning was
. verdicte announced the in the bradley manning case. he was found guilty of espionage not on the most serious charge of aiding the enemy. 202-585-rats, call 3880. for republicans, 202-585-3881. 585-3882.endents, 202- papersnt page of major carried a story about the bradley manning decision. here is "the wall street journal." ."ot guilty aiding the enemy he was found guilty of taking information from government databases, why passing security activism using classified information for other than its intended purpose and other charges, and he could face a maximum of 136 years in prison. front page of "the baltimore sun." leaks -- indict by leaks by manning." we will find more about that today as the fort made, we start the process of seeing how he will be punished. here is how "the washington times" looks at it. "manning verdict is a warning guilty leaks are cut 19 charges likely to result in heavy sentencing. a military court tuesday -- convicted manning of violating the espionage act for the hundreds of thousands of classified documents to weaken the." while manning
is in for bradley manning, who facilitated the largest leak of classified documents in u.s. history. most cleared against the most serious charges against him. tracie potts is live in washington. good morning. what's next for bradley manning? >> reporter: richard, what's left for bradley manning is the judges are going to have to decide how much time he'll get behind bars for these crimes, releasing hundreds of thousands of pages of documents. but interestingly, the judge looked at not only what he did, but why he did it. manning supporters gathered in front of the white house after hearing he'd been convicted. today sentencing follows what private bradley manning's defense calls a huge victory. guilty on 20 counts, but not guilty on the most serious charge, aiding the enemy. manning gave wikileaks battle plans, diplomatic cables, and this video that killed innocent civilians in baghdad. he faces up to 136 years in prison. >> the government is very, very serious about protecting the status of classified information, and people who deseminight it are playing with fire. >> reporter: the judge found
>>> the sentencing phase begins for bradley manning. the army private is convicted of spilling government secrets to wikileaks but escapes the most serious charge he faced. >>> washington prepares for another budget showdown. president obama hopes to make headway on capitol hill today after the republicans say no deal to his latest offer of bargain. >>> and a jailbreak caught on tape. a prisoner makes a daring escape in broad daylight and is still on the run. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, july 31st, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. >>> well, the sentencing phase of bradley manning's trial begins today and is expected to take weeks. yesterday a military judge convicted the army private on 20 counts of giving secret government items to the website wikileaks, but manning was not found guilty of the most serious charge. he released hundreds of thousands of documents including this video of a 2007 attack by an american apache helicopter in iraq that kills a dozen people. jericka duncan reports. >> reporter: a
not seen in 150 years. literally. why it matters to every american what wikileaker bradley manning was charged with and what he was convicted of today. >>> also tonight religious scholar raza aslan, being the subject of the most embarrassing interview fox news has ever done. >>> plus, shocking video of white youths rye rotting and running rampant through the streets of huntington beach, california. do we need to have a national dialogue about the violent destructive white youth culture in this country? i think we do, and it's a conversation you won't want to miss. >>> we begin tonight with president obama who took his campaign-style jobs push to chattanooga, tennessee, today, where he presented himself as a principled idealistic fighter for the middle class who maybe also happens to have the most remarkably poor short-term memory in all of washington. the president using today's barnstorming speech to extend his hand to republicans to offer them a deal even as it's a remote possibility. >> i'm willing to work with republicans on reforming our corporate tax code as long as we use th
blitzer in washington. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >>> next, bradley manning found guiltile of charges for releasing classified information. but he got off on even greater charges. so, win or a loss? what does it mean for america's security? >>> then, a brazen escape caught on tape. this one, you have to see to believe. so, you will. >>> and sleeping on the job. stealing the contents of our luggage. this is what's happening at the tsa. a special report. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. tonight, a verdict for spy bradley manning. a military judge ruled the man accused of the largest leak of classified information in american history is not guilty of aiding the enemy, but manning was found guilty of 19 of the other 20 charges against him. so, who won? chris lawrence was there today inside the military courtroom when the verdict was read. chris? >> reporter: well, erin, yeah, i was about ten feet away when the verdict came down. supporters of bradley manning gasped. but he himself did not show very much emotion at that point, though his lawyer
captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> brown: army private bradley manning was acquited on the most serious charge of "aiding the enemy," but convicted on multiple counts for violating the espionage act. good evening. i'm jeffrey brown. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. on the newshour tonight, manning could now face up to 136 years in prison for giving classified information to wikileaks. we examine the verdict and ask, did he get a fair trial? >> brown: then, a group of top doctors and scientists want to change the definition of cancer. we look at the recommendations on approaches to detection and treatment. >> ifill: an effort to take sexual assault cases in the military out of the chain of command is gaining support in the senate. judy woodruff talks to new york democrat kirsten gillibrand. >> we all agree that we have to do something about sexual assault and rape in the military and victims aren't democrats or republicans. they don't an ideology. victims' voices have to be heard. >> brown: parts of honduras have become overrun by violent drug gangs. we repo
. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. >>> a lot to do on this show tonight. the bradley manning verdict. governor bob mcdonnell goes on the record about his current troubles. a charter school cheating scandal about the people who push for charter schools in indiana. and oh, yes, the chief of staff of the scandalized mayor of san diego joins us live for the interview. stay with us. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for
tonight. the bradley manning verdict. governor bob mcdonnell goes on the record about his current troubles. a charter school cheating scandal about the people who push for charter schools in indiana. and oh, yes, the chief of staff of the scandalized mayor of san diego joins us live for the interview. stay with us. the blisters were oozing, and painful to touch. i woke up to a blistering on my shoulder. i spent 23 years as a deputy united states marshal and i've been pretty well banged up but the worst pain i've experienced was when i had shingles. when i went to the clinic, the nurse told me that it was a result of having had chickenpox. i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. >>> the bradley manning trial has been going on for about two months now and if at any point you wanted to know what had happened in the proceedings that day or the day before, you had two choices. you could either read news articles about the trial of which there have been many. or if you wanted to take a look at things for yourself, you could read the transcripts of the trial. the transcripts couldn't be found on an
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of classified information in american history. remember, prosecutors called bradley manning a traitor with evil intent was he handed over hundreds of thousands of secret government files to wikileaks and sees himself as a whistleblower. the prosecution cited a conviction from the civil war days. the defense denied that bradley manning aided the enemy. arguing there's no evidence at all that he knew al qaeda militants ever even looked at wikileaks, and today it appears the judge agreed. bradley manning shows very little emotion, might have smiled at the end. catherine herridge is live. tell us more how this plate out in court. >> the military courthouse is about three-quarters of a mile from where i'm standing right now, and just before 1:00 eastern, about 12 minutes before that hour, private first class gradley mapping entered the courtroom and at that time, at least initially, he appeared fairly relaxed but as the clock tick down he became understandably tense. when verdict was read, manning stood up, faced the judge directly with his arms like stove pipes at his side. showed virtually no emot
to a woman who has strong feelings about that and the bradley manning verdict and male pop tillations badly. >>> quit isn't the way we roll in new york city. we fight through tough things. we're a tough city. >> tonight star jones on scandals high and low. wait until you hear about what she says about sydney leather's interview. the crazy thing about anthony wiener is the guy never met you face-to-face. >> never. >> you had to say this guy is one sick puppy, right? >> totally after the first scandal already happened. >> here with me is star jones, attorney, and national spokesperson for the national association for professional women. star, welcome back. >> so glad to be here. >> anthony weiner. >> oh, please. >> where do we start? it's so bizarre. >> you know, he's one tick away from being a complete perv to be honest f. you look on the continuing. he likes young girls, as a matter of fact and doesn't like to be in the room with them but by himself talking to young girls. it's just something really ill about it. i wanted to stop laughing because you don't laugh at people who are sick, so n
on the hill. we'll talk about that, action in the bradley manning trial continuing to set the scene for that trial, and a lot more. we have g.o.p. on g.o.p. today that was pretty delicious as well. first our grate panel. take a look at the magnificent melissa fitzgerald from staging hope. >> yes. >> people know your face because you're a famous actress. >> anand jayar jackson senior producer here at tyt, and michael shure doing extra duty staying on from san francisco, always great to have the epic politics man on board. >> glad to be here. >> all right, what about the president today he was pressing a couple of agenda items on capitol hill. hoo is a wrap. >> when will republicans reject the tax cut for corporations? answer, when it proposed by this man, the president, who says he wants to break the capitol logjam by agreeing to lower taxes for businesses. >> i'm going to try offering something that people in both parties could support. >> it would cut tax rates and close multi billion dollar loopholes. instead of giving that new revenue back to individual tax payers as republicans
that tracks the phone calls of millions of americans. >>> happening right now, army private bradley manning in court as his sentencing phase begins. he faces up to 136 years in prison convicted in the biggest, the largest leak of classified information in u.s. history. but he was found not guilty of the most serious charge aiding the enemy and that spares him from a life sentence. manning was found guilty, though, on 20 other charges, including stealing classified information and wrongfully causing intelligence to be published on the internet. the case has sparked a debate on what is considered whistleblowing versus what is considered espionage. cnn senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin and glenn greenwald discuss the issue, if you can call it that, on a segment on "ac 360." >> the thing i find most bizarre is that anybody who would go into the field of journalism or call themselves a journalist who would call for the prosecution and imprisonment for decades of a source like manning who, as i said, didn't publish anything top secret that most sources do in america all the time. it's baffling.
bradley manning not guilty. >> we're not lacking for ideas, we're just lacking action, and especially out of washington. >> we lead off with the president. the president will be at an amazon warehouse in chattanooga, tennessee. >> i spoke at good length about this. >> if you thought we would do a whole show without mentioning anthony weiner, think again. >> i think he has invalidated himself. >> anthony weiner is still running for mayor. >> it is not about you know, rising yourself up. raising, taking a picture of it and sending it to a few girls. >> polls don't stop the election. >> there are a lot of people who are saying a lot of things about this campaign. >> anthony weiner's campaign manager quit. >> i think i have said pretty much everything i have to say about that. >> weiner didn't give him a severance, but he did offer him a package. >>> the feud between republicans rand paul and chris christie is getting hotter, last night, rand paul brought his give me, give me tirade to fox news. >> i think it is sad and cheap that he would use the cloak of 9/11 victims and say, oh, i'm the on
news at 5 (. >> supporters of bradley manning are coming together in san francisco for leaking thousands of classified documents. you're looking live here at the scene on powell and market. i'm frank knowledge summer ville. >>> bradley manning was cleared of the most severe charge against him. he was found not guilty of aid the enemy but was convicted of espionage, theft and computer fraud. he pleaded guilty to other charges. help sent video reports to wikileaks. protestors called manning a whistleblower and hero. others say he helped terrorists and damaged foreign relations. >> you're under obligation to follow the rules whether or not you agree with the information being classified. >> the manning trial was closely watched here in the bay area. there was talk of him being the grand marshall of this year's pride parade. >> demonstrators are taking their message to the streets. activists are saying justice was not served. >> reporter: they are not entirely satisfied. just a handful of demonstrators at the moment but people are just starting to arrive at the rally tonight. many
from rio. >>> the verdict is in. army private bradley manning, who admitted to sharing classified documents with wikileaks awaits word of his fate. >>> plus, an arrest in the d.c. green paint vandalism case. >>> ravens get their just desserts. >>> and brian williams' markie-mark moment. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for tuesday, july 30th. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui. breaking news overnight, several people are injured after a powerful explosion at a florida propane plant. seven people were taken to the hospital. three of them in critical condition. officials say a crew of up to 26 were working an overnight shift when that blast happened. the explosions began at around 11:00 p.m. at the blue rhino plant in tavares. that's about 40 miles northwest of orlando. the plant houses about 53,000 20-pound propane cylinders. a half mile evacuation zone is in effect this morning. the of that explosion is being investigated. >>> it is being called the largest-ever operation against child sex trafficking. more than 100 teens are safe this morning aft
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